Observing cetaceans in their natural environment is commonly called "whale watching". Badly practiced, this activity can be a source of disturbance, while well managed, it becomes a very good tool for environmental awareness.

Within the Pelagos Sanctuary, 8 species of cetaceans are frequently observed. To respect their tranquility, the French animation team of the Pelagos Sanctuary invites you to watch this short film entitled "For an eco-responsible approach of marine mammals".

Cetaceans are protected species. Since January 1st, 2021, the approach to less than 100 meters is considered an intentional disturbance and is therefore prohibited within marine protected areas including the Pelagos Sanctuary (see amended Decree of July 1st, 2011 in French version).


Copyright : French animation team of the Pelagos Sanctuary - Port-Cros National Park
Financed by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition
Produced by Regard du Vivant - 2020 with the support of the TOTAL Foundation

The international project on chemical and biological contamination of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary, financed by the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement, reached its conclusion.

While waiting for the video realized in the framework of the project, we present you its teaser.


French version: 

Italian version: 


In the framework of the 5th edition of the Monaco Ocean Week (March 22nd-28th, 2021), Pelagos, ACCOBAMS and RAMOGE Agreements mobilize to raise awareness on the impact of marine litter on biodiversity and marine mammals.

You will find the article and the video realized on this occasion on the Monaco Ocean Week blog at the following link: https://www.monacooceanweek.org/en/marine-waste-inthe-mediterranean/ as well as on the Pelagos Agreement YouTube channel.

To consult the program of the events of the Monaco Ocean Week, please click on the following link: www.monacooceanweek.org/live

 Lets’ act together to fight against marine litter!

21 years ago, the Pelagos Agreement on the creation of a Sanctuary for marine mammals in the Mediterranean was signed in Rome! 

Here is its new video to celebrate together: 

- in French version: 

- in Italian version: 



The film funded by the French Part of the Pelagos Sanctuary is divided in fourth parts:

  • A Sanctuary for marine mammals
  • The cetaceans of the Pelagos Sanctuary
  • Threats to the cetaceans of the Pelagos Sanctuary
  • Research

Total duration of the film: 13:28
Each of the four sections can be viewed individually.
Subtitles: French and English
Click here to see online the version with Italian subtitles

A film by Regard du Vivant



Tuscany Region financed the realization of a documentary on the cetaceans on the Tuscan Sea. Click 

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">here to watch the video (Italian version).

Total duration of the film: 22 min

Film realized by Artescienza