The Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement participated in the 7th Meeting of the Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS), held in Istanbul (Turkey) from November 5th to 8th, 2019.

Lots of topics discussed and of importance for the Pelagos Agreement, among which the Work Programme for the triennium 2020-2022, the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative results or the impact of underwater noise.

On November 4th 2019, the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement participated in the presentation of the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI) results.

The objective of this campaign was to set up an integrated, collaborative and coordinated monitoring system for the status of cetacean populations throughout the ACCOBAMS area, within which the Pelagos Sanctuary is a pilot area.

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The Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique pour les Mammifères Marins de Méditerranée et leur Environnement (GIS3M) organises the second edition of the "Human & Cetacean Encounters in the Mediterranean", which will take place on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November 2019 in Nice.

Many activities will be proposed: round tables for young professionals, conferences for citizens, activities for children, artistic and educational exhibitions, etc.

Come and join "Human & Cetacean Encounters in the Mediterranean" !

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pdf Click here  to download the provisional agenda in the French version.



The Newsletter no.16 of the French Party of the Pelagos Agreement is online. To download the French version of the 2019 Newsletter, please pdf click here .

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The international workshop on contamination of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary was organized by GIS3M (Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique pour les Mammifères Marins de Méditerranée) as part of the project "Biological and toxicological contamination of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary: assessment, origin, monitoring and mitigation" funded by the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement. The workshop took place on October 4th 2019 in La Londe-les-Maures (France).

In the morning session, stakeholders presented the results of their work to assess the impact of land-based pollution on cetaceans, whether chemical (detergents, pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, plastics) and biological (viruses, bacteria and parasites). The afternoon session was dedicated to an exchange of ideas on research priorities and on the harmonization of analysis and monitoring methodologies within the Sanctuary.

The second part of the workshop will take place in early 2020 in Italy. It will aim to propose ideas for the Pelagos Sanctuary in order to reduce the contamination of cetaceans of this area. 

The French National Committee of the Sanctuary was held on October 11th 2019 in Toulon, and in the presence of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition representatives and the new Executive Secretary of the Pelagos Agreement, Ms. Costanza Favilli.

Partners operating in the Sanctuary took part in the meeting. Among topics on the agenda, progress of international and national activities, as well as research carried out and in progress were discussed.

The next French National Committee of the Sanctuary will take place in the fall of 2020.

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The Pelagos Agreement celebrated its 20th anniversary in the presence of the Agreement Authorities. For this occasion, the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean, Vice-Admiral Laurent Isnard, invited the Parties to the Pelagos Agreement in his residence at the Fort du Cap Brun, in Toulon, on October 11th.

The ceremony was punctuated by the present Authorities' interventions, permitting to take stock of these first twenty years of activity, as well as to update on the Programme of work and on the tripartite actions to come. 

On September 19th 2019, Ms. Costanza Favilli has been appointed Executive Secretary of the Pelagos Agreement. She took office on September 26th 2019.

The Permanent Secretariat is already working on the priorities identified by the Parties to the Agreement.

The Parties to the Agreement wish Ms. Favilli the best. 

On Friday, September 20th 2019, the final meeting of the "Pelagos Plastic Free" project took place at the Genoa Nautical Show.

The first results of the project, funded by the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement, were announced on this occasion. The scientific research focused on the microorganisms that proliferate around plastic waste abandoned at sea. The project involved numerous local administrations in the Sanctuary area in the development of activities aimed at improving waste management, as well as in the development of awareness-raising activities in schools and seafarers.

For more information on the "Pelagos Plastic Free" project: (website in French and Italian)   


The Municipality of Scarlino (GR), within the framework of its initiatives carried out in fulfilment of the 2nd two-year period of signing of the Partnership Charter of the Pelagos Sanctuary, which took place on June 1, 2017, promoted the event:




"Plastic Free Me"

launch of the plastic free challenge campaign

 Thursday, August 1, 2019, a meeting OPEN TO ALL with guided excursion* for cetacean sighting and plastic recovery at sea

 For the free excursion (max 24 places) obligatory booking- Tel. 0566/38534-38538-38533




9:00 a.m.:  EXCURSION DEPARTURE, DIVING CENTER Canal Harbour - Puntone di Scarlino (Gr)

Departure on board the Feel Dive inflatable boat for the sighting and plastic recovery tour in the Gulf

11:00 a.m.: ALL THAT IS TO KNOW ON THE PLASTIC IN SEA - At the bar - trattoria "IL BALUGANO", Località Butelli - S.P. delle Collacchie, Puntone di Scarlino (Gr)

Public meeting open to all for the dissemination of information on the effects of "Marine Litter" on marine ecosystems in the area of the Sanctuary PELAGOS

11:45 a.m.: OPENING "PLASTIC FREE" for everyone at the bar - trattoria "IL BALUGANO"

Greeting refreshment open to all (with gadget delivery)


Below is the information poster.