The year 2017 will end with the 7th Meeting of the Parties to the Pelagos Agreement. The meeting will be held on December the 12th and the 13th 2017 in the Principality of Monaco. On this occasion, France will leave the Presidency of the Agreement in favor of Monaco and the Parties will discuss the work program of the next 2018-2019 biennium and the projects selected for the Call for Proposals 2017.





On Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 12.47 Wolf-Dieter Stucken, a Swiss yachtsman, while sailing at a distance of 10 miles from Rosignano Marittimo (Province of Livorno) in a NE direction, coming from Capraia, saw and photographed a large specimen of a delphinid, with a pattern of white patches on a shiny black skin, which would suggest that it could be a specimen of Orcinus orca.

Regrettably, the photo was taken from a distance and at an unfavourable angle to allow sure identification. However, although it was the first time that the presence of this species of cetacean had been documented in the waters of the Tuscan Archipelago, already on other occasions (2016 and 2017) it appears to have been observed. In our waters, the presence of the Orca is classified as occasional.

Wolf-Dieter Stucken was contacted by email: unfortunately his testimonial does not appear to add any further useful information for a correct and certain identification of the specimen in question.

The photograph was circulated among numerous Italian cetologists : although they all agreed that, as far as is visible from the photo, on the possible attribution of the dorsal fin to the species Orcinus orca, they unanimously declared that from what is visible of the pattern on the specimen, its correspondence to the specific pattern of this species is unclear, remaining in unanimous agreement that it was impossible to determine the species for certain  on the basis of that single frame.

Even if the information available does not appear sufficient to identify to which species the specimen belongs with scientific certainty, in probabilistic terms  it could have been the same Orca of which a sighting had already been declared on other occasions in the waters of the Tuscan Archipelago.



The 10th Technical and Scientific Committee will be held on Monday 25th of September 2017 in the Principality of Monaco.

To attend the meeting as observers, you can contact the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement at the following address: 





                     Tuesday 12th of September 2017 - Oceanographic Museum of Monaco                    

                                pdf Click here to download the programme in the French version.

                                pdf Click here to download the programme in the Italian version.





The Secretariats of the intergovernmental agreements RAMOGE and Pelagos are mobilising in favour of reducing marine waste by organising a colloquium on 12 September 2017 at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to raise awareness of this issue among coastal as well as inland municipalities.  

Reducing marine waste is a common concern of the two Agreements, as this pollution threatens marine species and marine mammals are particularly affected.
Considering that 80% of marine waste originates from land-based sources, promoting upstream initiatives is essential, particularly encouraging efficient waste management in order to prevent wild waste dumping from reaching the sea.

During this conference, a waste scientist will present the environmental and health issues related to marine waste; representatives of the environment ministries of the countries party to the Agreements will present the directives and their respective actions to combat this pollution. Finally, local partners will describe the various innovative initiatives that directly or indirectly contribute to the fight against marine waste.

We trust that these exchanges will help promote tangible measures to avoid marine waste!



The commune of Théoule-sur-Mer, represented by its Mayor, Mr Georges Bottela, celebrated the signing of the Pelagos Charter on Monday 3rd July 2017, in the presence of the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean, Vice-Admiral Charles Henri Leulier de la Faverie du Ché, representative of the State at sea and Mr Marc Duncombe, Director of Port-Cros National Park. Henceforth, 14 of the 16 coastal municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes Department have become partners of the Sanctuary, thus contributing to the awareness of nearly 675,000 people!



Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement is pleased to announce the launching of the Pelagos  2017 call for proposals. The call aims to improve knowledge on marine mammals and to propose new management measures on specific issues in the Pelagos Sanctuary.

Applications are open from July 12th to October 11th 2017 at 11:59 pm (UCT / GMT + 2 hours).

To download the call in the Italian version, pdf click here .

To download the call in the French version, pdf click here


An extraordinary Meeting of the Technical and Scientific Committee (TSC) of the Pelagos Agreement will take place the 13th June 2017 at 9.30 a.m.

The ordinary Meeting of the TSC is postponed at the beginning of the month of September 2017.

15th anniversary of the Pelagos Agreement at the "Monaco Ocean Week" the 3rd of April 2017.


It is with great pleasure that the Permanent Secretariat announces the adhesion of the municipalities of Pisa and La Spezia to the Pelagos Partnership Charter. Tuscany and Liguria reach respectively the rates of 68% and 78% on a regional scale adhesions and Italy counts 84 municipalities adhering to the Partnership Charter.