The Pelagos Agreement is an associated partner of the Interreg Med - Plastic Busters MPAs project, which aims to preserve the biodiversity of natural ecosystems through actions to fight against marine litter.

In this framework, a French municipality is given the opportunity to apply one or more management measures identified in the project, under the following criteria: the municipality is a virtuous signatory of the Pelagos Partnership Charter and is located in the area where the monitoring of marine litter has been carried out. The Municipality of Saint-Florent (France, Haute-Corse) has expressed its interest in participating to the project and will thus be able to benefit from the expertise of a Consultant for the implementation of the management measures in spring and summer 2021.

The Pelagos Agreement congratulates the Municipality of Saint-Florent for its commitment!

For more information on the Interreg Med - Plastic Busters MPAs project: