In line with the commitments asserted in the Pelagos Partnership Charter, the municipality of Vado Ligure - which has expressed a particular dedication to awareness campaigns towards the protection of marine mammals hereby favouring educational actions to educate people on environmental issues in the Pelagos Sanctuary - has created the Environmental Education Project “IO VADO…CON LE BALENE”, “Going with whales”.


On June 1st, 2019, the “GIORNATA MONDIALE DEL GIOCO”, the project will be introduced to the public and young people or stakeholders who display passions for interesting activities for the project in particular. The goal is to provide maximum visibility to the protection of marine spaces among the youth.


 Please find the details concerning the program:



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The event will start at 3 p.m on Piazza Cavour in Vado Ligure, the afternoon will be dedicated to eco-friendly games, experiences to build initiaves… with the ever-lasting goal to implement the values of the Pelagos Agreement globally.


Workshops for children include:


  • Stories lighting up the sea

Design your own wishcard lighting up for real, inspired by the environment of the sea and bring it home!


  • Science on point

Enter a marine laborary where experiences with water, observations with microscopes to recognize all the extraordinary species that inhabit the sea.  Come and join us for free!


Exhibition of the structures created by primary school kids of Vado Ligure for the contest “Io Vado…con le balene”


Whales, dolphins and other cetaceans were created by the kids with recycled materials and will be exhibited on the piazza during the whole afternoon to raise awareness on the need to stop plastic litter !


At 5:30 p.m, we will announce the winners of the contest!


The event is organized in cooperation with the animations of the Giornata Mondiale del Gioco, with the Centro Educazione Ambientale Riviera del Beigua and the Servizio Ambiente of Vado Ligure, with the objective to promote the initiatives of the Partnership Charter of the Pelagos Agreement and the specific initiatives of Vado Ligure.It will also be held in cooperation with SAT S.p.A.



Contacts: Centro Educazione Ambientale Riviera del Beigua  tel 327 8818713/ 366 6221213