April, 30th 2019, the municipality of San Giuliano Terme (PI) has signed the Partnership Charter of the Pelagos Agreement, hereby joining the other 106 Italian municipilaties as well as the 111 total signatories, for the protection of marine mammals in the Sanctuary.

           Mayor Sergio di Maio, and Amiral Aurelio Caligiore, captain of RAM CC.PP. have signed the Charter. Coastguards have represented the Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection. The fact that the municipality and a delegation of students from the Institute of Gereschi di Pantasserchio participated to the event sheds light on their commitment to protect the Sanctuary.

           During the meeting, the topical subject of plastic litter in the Mediterranean Sea was tackled : in collaboration with Doctress Elisa Turiani of Legambiante Toscana, we have introduced the Pelagos Plastic Free Project which the municipality chose to support.

            This event marks the entire adhesion of all the coastal Pise municipalities as well as the territories surrounding the Regional Park of San Rossore Migliarino Massaciuccoli.