A further six coastal municipalities situated within the Italian part of the Pelagos Sanctuary have recently decided to adhere to the Partnership Charter: Lerici (Province of La Spezia), Deiva Marina (Province of La Spezia), Bonassola (Province of La Spezia), Albissola Marina (Province of Savona), Porto Venere (Province of La Spezia) and Borghetto Santo Spirito (Province of Savona), of which the preliminary assessment has been successfully concluded, and of which the ceremony for the joint signature of the Partnership Charter is imminent, to be hosted by the Municipality of Lerici(SP)

Considering the subscriptions of the last 2 Sardinian municipalities that were missing – Trinità d’Agultu (Province of Olbia-Tempio) and Aglientu (Province of Olbia-Tempio) last 25th August, the accessions on the part of Italy have reached  94 accessions out of 111 Coastal municipalities of the 3 Regions involved (Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia) located within the area of the Pelagos Sanctuary, reaching  85 % of the eligible total: the aforesaid Municipalities have already undertaken to identify and  name their respective Municipal Reference persons, as laid down in the framework of the Italian implementation of the Pelagos Sanctuary Partnership.

 For each Italian Region involved, 5 years after the initiative began, at present the following results have been achieved :

  • LIGURIA55 Municipalities have joined out of 63 eligible, equal to 87% at regional level;
  • TUSCANY26 Municipalities have joined out of 35 eligible, equal to 74 % at regional level (of which 5 have been declared as lapsed due to failure to renew their membership every two years and never having signed the Partnership Charter);
  • SARDINIA13 Municipalities have joined out of 13 eligible, equal to 100 % at regional level.

The documentation relative to the new memberships has been sent to the Permanent Secretariat for the Agreement and will provide the basis for evaluation, as laid down by the same Charter, to make joint decisions and recommendations  and to implement any further specifric actions, at Tripartite Agreement level, on the subject of the Partnership of the coastal Municipalities within the Sanctuary.

On last 28th November, the Municipality of Campo nell’Elba (Province of Livorno) was declared to have lapsed from the Partnership of the Pelagos Sancturary, having failed to fulfil the 2nd renewal of its membership: therefore, the  above Municipality is cancelled from the list of Municipalities that have joined, with the ensuing loss of the right to display the Pelagos Sanctuary Flag and every other prerogative in connection with this membership.

This is the 5th Italian Municipality that has been declared to have lapsed due to failure to fulfil the two-yearly renewal of its membership:

1°.    Rio Marina (declared as lapsed due to failure to fulfil the 1st renewal on 17 February 2015);

2°.    Rio nell’Elba (declared as lapsed due to failure to fulfil the 1st renewal on 17th February 2015);

3°.    Portoferraio (declared as lapsed due to failure to fulfil the 1st renewal on 17 February 2015);

4°.    Marciana (declared as lapsed due to failure to fulfil the 1st renewal on 17 February 2015);

5°.    Campo nell’Elba (declared as lapsed due to failure to fulfil the 2nd renewal on 28 November 2017);

all situated in the territory of the Island Of Elba - Tuscan Archipelago - (Province of Livorno). 

Following the procedure adopted in this regard on the part of Italy, if the Municipalities declared to have lapsed  wish to rejoin the Pelagos Sanctuary Partnership in the future, they will have to follow the membership procedure  ex novo, via a Resolution by the Town Council, featuring specifically programmed commitments for the  performance of every activity, or referable to them, as described in annex 4 of the relevant COP4/REC9 Recommendation, as well as the preliminary assessment and subsequent approval by the competent national  Authority, with the advisory opinion  of the Pelagos Sanctuary National Steering Committee.