Tuesday 12th of September 2017 - Oceanographic Museum of Monaco                    

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The Secretariats of the intergovernmental agreements RAMOGE and Pelagos are mobilising in favour of reducing marine waste by organising a colloquium on 12 September 2017 at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to raise awareness of this issue among coastal as well as inland municipalities.  

Reducing marine waste is a common concern of the two Agreements, as this pollution threatens marine species and marine mammals are particularly affected.
Considering that 80% of marine waste originates from land-based sources, promoting upstream initiatives is essential, particularly encouraging efficient waste management in order to prevent wild waste dumping from reaching the sea.

During this conference, a waste scientist will present the environmental and health issues related to marine waste; representatives of the environment ministries of the countries party to the Agreements will present the directives and their respective actions to combat this pollution. Finally, local partners will describe the various innovative initiatives that directly or indirectly contribute to the fight against marine waste.

We trust that these exchanges will help promote tangible measures to avoid marine waste!