The main aims of the Permanent Secretariat are to:

  • Coordinate the different bodies within the Agreement, and assisting the Scientific and Technical Committee and the Meeting of the Parties
  • Ensure that the Agreement’s aims and resolutions are implemented
  • Manage the Agreement’s budget according to the decisions made by the meeting of the Parties
  • Represent the Pelagos Sanctuary when dealing with local, regional and international bodies

The Permanent Secretariat, composed of an Executive Secretary and an assistant, receives administrative support from the Scientific Centre of Monaco (SCM), with offices in Monte-Carlo provided by the Principality of Monaco.

The contact details of the Permanent Secretariat are: 

Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement




Tour Odéon B1 – 36, avenue de l'Annonciade  MC – 98000 Monaco
Landline: +377 92 16 11 55
Cellphone: +33 (0)7 81 17 45 42




Costanza Favilli
Executive Secretary

Viola Cattani
Assistant of the Executive Secretary