The Pelagos Sanctuary includes the coastal waters and pelagic area comprised between the headlands of the Giens peninsula to the Fosso Chiarone in southern Tuscany. It extends across the waters of a number of islands, including Corsica and northern Sardinia as well as smaller islands such as the islands of Hyères, Liguria, the Tuscan Archipelago and the Strait of Bonifacio.

The Sanctuary covers an area of 87,500 sq. km and 2,022 km of coast.




Geographic coordinates


A line extending from the Escampobariou Point (on the western edge of the Giens peninsula)

N 43°01'70 – E 06°05'90

to the Falcone Cape (the westernmost part of the Gulf of Asinara)

N 40°58'00 – E 08°12'00


A line extending from the Ferro Cape (on Sardinia’s north-eastern coast)

N 41°09'18 – E 09°31'18

to Fosso Chiarone (on the west coast of Italy)

N 42°21'24 – E 11°31'00

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